RGC Systems

Nowadays Rail Guided Cart (RGC) technology is being used in automated parking. The RGCs operate in a similar ways to Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) except the RGCs are less complex and more robust than AGVs and therefore more cost effective and more reliable.

Vehicles are parked on pallets in the parking modules which are collected from the parking modules by the RGCs driving beneath the vehicle pallet, lifting it, then moving it out of the parking module into the system. The number of RGCs in the system is flexible and can be based around the client’s throughput and budgetary requirements.

Typically RGC systems operate on solid concrete floors and can move in both lengthways and sideways directions (X and Y planes) along small guide rails fitted to the floor.

Vehicle elevators are used within the system to move the vehicle pallets with or without an RGC

Cost Throughput Redundancy Density

Key: =Low =Medium =High.