Crane Systems

Crane parking systems utilize a single mechanism to simultaneously perform the horizontal and vertical movements of the vehicle to be parked or retrieved in the parking system. The simultaneous horizontal and vertical movements allow the vehicle platform to move to and from one parking spot to another very quickly. The crane mechanism moves horizontally on rails, typically located on the floor and ceiling of the parking system, and has a vertical elevator platform fitted where vehicles to be parked and retrieved are placed. This means that a floor-to-ceiling opening in the center of the system is required for the crane(s) to operate.

The crane mechanism can move in line with the normal direction of a vehicle (a longitudinal system) or orthogonal to it, i.e. sideways (a transverse system) depending on the site constraints. If higher throughput or redundancy is required, crane systems can also have two cranes running parallel to one another should the site constraints allow it. As there is typically only one mechanism for the parking and retrieval of vehicles the system redundancy is potentially low but back-up motors, switches, etc. can be installed to increase the system’s redundancy. Turning devices can be fitted under the vertical elevator platform should this be required.

Cost Throughput Redundancy Density

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